All Your Projects in One Place
Managing your projects is a breeze with Bluesky

Star Projects

Highlight the projects which are important to you. Choose to filter your projects to only show you that are starred.

Project Costing

See exactly how much you have spent on each project at a glance.

Track Budgets

See how your budget burns, and know exactly how much is left.

Built for Teams

Invite your team to Bluesky and assign them to different projects. Get a breakdown per team member and see exactly how much time and money a project is costing.

Review and Analyse
A clear and simple project overview

Project Overview

One screen to see all your project details from hours spent, budget progress and costing.

Vizualize Your Progress

Interactive graphs show you exactly where you are up to in your project.

Breakdown by Task and Team Member

See exactly what time is being spent per task and per person.

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